Applications & Loans

We inform you regarding resubmission. You can resubmit on the Easycash application and for submissions, a review or reassessment process will be carried out.
The current Easycash loan tenor is 15 days and 30 days per period. For the loan tenor, it will be determined by our review process in the system.
For problems with the verification code, please wait within 2 hours and make sure that the registered mobile number is active and has a minimum balance of credit IDR 1.000.
To take face verification, make sure you have given access to the camera and follow the steps informed in the Easycash application, requires sufficient lighting and proper internet network.
Regarding cancellation requests, please contact Easycash customer service at 1500866 or with terms and conditions that apply.
If your loan application does not pass the review process, you currently do not meet the loan application requirements on the Easycash application. Please complete your data, documents and information to be able to resubmit at another time.
The loan amount that is available starts from IDR 600.000 - IDR 50.000.000.
Regarding Easycash loan disbursement, the process will take around 5 minutes and a maximum of 1 x 24 hours. If after 1 x 24 hours the funds have not been received, please contact Easycash customer service at
Currently the loan nominal offered by the Easycash application is as stated in the Easycash application, please continue to maintain the credibility of your data by making payments on time in order to get attractive offers from us.